Dear users of Pixa,

We want to say something about two of our apps, so we’ll give you the short and less short versions.

We are retiring Delibar and Pixa. They both had good runs, especially since we launched Delibar back in 2006. But people don’t bookmark links the way they used to (heck, doesn’t even work anymore), and Pixa’s userbase shrank for a variety of reasons.

We decided to take the lessons we learned from these apps and move on. We have pulled Delibar and Pixa from sale in the Mac App Store and on our website, and the demos are no longer available. Support for existing owners will continue through the end of 2018, but then we’ll retire that too.

Thank you for using Pixa and for supporting the Shiny Frog team. Please check out our latest invention, Bear: a beautiful writing app for crafting notes and prose.

If you are interested in alternatives to Pixa: Adobe Lightroom and Pixave for Mac and iPad are good options.

Shiny Frog