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Version 1.1 - With Web snapper, new formats and more.

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Effortless organizing

Everyone loves collecting images, but it can be very hard to keep them organized. Pixa is a Mac application that manages your pictures, helping you to quickly find and share them.

Pixa supports all the image formats you need: psd, ai, svg, jpg, png, tiff, pdf, bmp, gif, ico, icns, tga, raw, LittleSnapper, Pixen, Acorn, Sketch and Pixelmator.

Auto tagging

Tagging any amount of images is a boring task. Pixa will auto tag useful information like colors and size leaving you more time to do awesome stuff!

Pixa will also grab web address, extensions and metadata for the pictures that you import.

Live folders

Live Folders allows you to organize your images in Pixa without moving them from their original location.

Just add some of your folders as Live Folders and Pixa will keep them in sync for you at every change.

Combine Live Folders with Dropbox for a perfect team sharing solution!

Lightning-fast export and share

Exporting and sharing images is a critical part of everyone's workflow, and Pixa makes this task a breeze!

Custom export preset allows you to personalize the size, the format and even create an archive for you.

Sharing images via Dropbox, CloudApp or Imgur is just a click away. Pixa also offers the standard Mac OS X sharing options.


Collecting inspiration and references is a daily job for anyone who's involved in graphics.

Pixa gives you powerful yet easy-to-use tools to grab screenshots of your screen or snap full page pictures of inspiring web pages.

Fine workmanship

The Loupe tool lets you check your photos pixel by pixel copying the colors into the clipboard in many useful formats.

Metadata, tags and notes - all the important information is placed together in one handy panel.

Pixa integrates many Mac OS X features: Quicklook, full screen, Mountain Lion share panel and gestures!


Pixa comes with a free extension for Safari and Chrome, helping you saving multiple images. Click on the button and every picture, background or linked image will be in your control.

If you want to snap full page screenshots directly from your browser, take a look to the Snap button extension for Safari and Chrome or drag this boomarklet in your bookmarks bar: Snap

Keep in touch

Discover new ways to use Pixa and improve your workflow on our Tips Blog or follow @Pixaapp.

For small questions consult our FAQ section or write us your big questions on the support forum.

  • Retina Ready

    Awesome and shiny on retina displays
  • Full Screen

    Organize every pixel
  • Mountain Lion Share

    Upload your photos with a click
  • We speak languages

    English, Français, Deutsch, 日本語, 中文
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  • Multi-touch Gestures

    Get the best experience from your touchpad
  • Dropbox integration

    Use cloud solutions with colleagues & clients
  • OS X Mountain Lion

    All the latest Mac OS X technologies tamed
  • OpenMeta support

    Import and export OpenMeta tags & notes
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Pixa Pixa - the mac photo organizer Designers own a huge amount of images, and it can be very hard to keep them organized. Pixa manages your pictures, helps you find them and quickly exports files. Improve your design workflow with this, the ultimate image organizer.

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